Author: Dan Sundberg, PhD


From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century Sometimes it can be hard to get started on a task. Just when it seems like you are ready to get moving on that thing you have been putting off, a distraction pops up that you just “have to” attend to.. Be honest, are you reading this now because you are avoiding doing something else? For those of you whose work involves a lot of time on the computer, this can be a huge challenge. However, there are some behavioral strategies in self-management that can help you to arrange a more effective...

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The High Cost Of Stress In The ABA Workplace

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century As a planet full of workers, we are getting increasingly stressed out. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post levels of stress in the workplace are reportedly 18% – 24% higher now than they were 30 years ago. Why? Potential culprits include unreasonable workloads, and an increasingly blurred line between work and personal life. Are those behavior analysts working in the ABA clinical world immune to this? After all, Behavior Analyst was recently rated as one of the top 10 jobs for do-gooders, with most individuals reporting their job as...

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Getting People Off Their Phones And Engaged In Their Work!

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century Have you ever been in a meeting and noticed that nearly everyone there was on their cell phones? Or perhaps you have been shopping and felt that mix of frustration and anger on seeing several staff members socializing off in a corner, while you languish in a long line with a lone cashier? What you have witnessed is sometimes referred to as low engagement, or disengagement. A recent survey by Gallup estimates that low levels of on on-the-job engagement costs American organizations roughly $450 BILLION a year in lost productivity. They also...

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