Author: Julia Fiebig, PhD, BCBA

Saving Water: The Potential Impact Of Behavior Analysis

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century Recently, I was driving from Los Angeles to my home in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s an easy drive once you get through LA traffic, the long, straight stretch of road providing little distraction beyond standard freeway signs and the occasional billboard.  I’ve made the trip often in the last 10 years and noticeable, on this last trip, were the acres of parched farmland bordering the freeway and frequent public service announcement signs with messages like, “serious drought, help save water” or “brown is the new green, do your part to...

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Science Vs. Human Behavior: Designing A Sustainable Culture

In Science and Human Behavior, in the chapter on “Designing a Culture”, Skinner (1953) writes about people’s social environment being the result of a complex series of events in which accident sometimes plays a prominent role and he asks questions relevant to current challenges, “Why should the design of a culture be left so largely to accident? Is it not possible to change the social environment deliberately so that the human product will meet more acceptable specifications?”

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