Author: Leanne Page, M.Ed, BCBA

Your Behavior Plan Made Everything Worse!

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century “We have been working with a behavior analyst and it seems like every time they give us a new behavior intervention things just get worse, not better. What gives?” Well, if you are working with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I’d like to believe that the interventions they are recommending for you are good ones. (i.e. research-based, effective, only have behavior analytic principles). So it’s likely that you are just experiencing an extinction burst. Got it? Okay, now go do the steps your behavior analyst gave you. Wait, what? You don’t know...

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Baby’s First Sticker Chart

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century “Dear Behavior BFF: My child is 2 ½ and is super defiant. Like he won’t do anything I ask him to. Every little thing is a battle. A friend has her 5-year-old on a reward system and recommended that I try it. He’s too young for that, right?” Baby’s first sticker chart. That’s one that goes in the scrapbook, right? The first time you put your kid on a token economy? Next to a lock of their hair?  No. Hmmm…it would be if a behavior analyst was into scrapbooking. Not too long...

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7 Ways To Have Better Nights With Your Littles

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century “Dear Behavior BFF, my daughter is 3 ½ years old and has recently started getting out of her bed at night and screaming until one of us goes in to her. When we get there, she is fine and wants to play. How do we get her to stay in bed and stop waking up the neighborhood with her screaming at 3am? Help!” Sleep training. It’s such a controversial issue in the mommy world. It’s so important to teach our children to sleep and yet so incredibly personal! What I can share...

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The One Phrase That Can Make Parenting Easier

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century A parent writes: “Dear Behavior BFF, I try to stay positive and build my child up. But instead, I find myself yelling and nagging at him constantly! I don’t think he listens to a word I say, positive or not. Help! I feel like a crazy person just talking to a brick wall. How can I be more positive AND get him to listen?!” I’m going to tell you a little story to illustrate this one. “Good job” parrots back my sweet daughter. But good job for what? Does she have any idea...

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