Author: Manny Rodriguez, M.S.

Engaging The Doers: A Menu For Employee Engagement

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century Note: the following is an excerpt from an upcoming book titled “OBM Applied!” written by Manuel “Manny” Rodriguez, Dan Sundberg, and Shannon Biagi. As eloquently stated by Peter Block in his book Flawless Consulting (2011), “the art of bringing people together is termed engagement.”    For the OBM practitioner, engagement means getting people involved behaving in a way that will actively and sustainably support the success of desired behavior and business results.  Without the consideration for employee engagement, any performance improvement plan could become a “plug and play” project or what Block (2011)...

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The 5 Most Common Unethical Workplace Behaviors

Behavioral Science in the 21st Century Have you ever seen unethical behavior?  If you did, did you say something or wonder whether it was truly unethical?  Nearly three-quarter of employees who responded to one survey reported that they had observed unethical or illegal behavior by coworkers in the past year (Gino et al., 2014).  “People often start their misconduct with small transgressions and then slide down a slippery slope” (Gino et al., 2014). From a behavioral perspective, one can hypothesize these small transgressions resulted in enough reinforcement to continue to behave towards larger transgressions, again possibly yielding further reinforcement,...

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5 Lessons Learned From Businesses Hiring Adults With Autism

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century Ever worked with a colleague or boss and struggled to get them to do something that needed to be done? In many situations we have the benefit of controlling a wide range of consequences and the authority that allows us to encourage the needed behavior. A boss has authority over a subordinate, a parent over their child, a teacher over their student. Indeed, Stanley Milgram showed us the sometimes frightening power that authority can give us (Milgram, 1963). Yet, in many other situations, from working with your boss, coworker, review board member,...

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