Author: Scott Herbst, PhD

What To Do When Our Behavior Is Replaced By Robots?

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century I have this irrational fear of starving to death. It’s not debilitating; it doesn’t seem to interfere with me living my life at all, but once in a while I find myself lying awake at night, worrying about money and how to get more of it. If I examine the fear closely enough, there is some small piece of it that is oriented toward having enough to eat. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is almost completely unwarranted. Not debilitating, but totally irrational, given the happy accident of me...

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How To Get People To Act Like Behavior Analysts

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century When I discovered behavior analysis, I was really, really excited. I’ve recounted the story elsewhere, but basically I was thrilled that this group of people had a fully articulated and researched system concerning all of these things I had been thinking. I started telling my family and friends all about what I was learning, how great it was, and trying to get them on board with my new way of talking about and looking at the world. It didn’t work. Friends argued with me and relatives said, “that’s nice,” (in a way...

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