Author: Tim Lloyd, PhD, BCBA, LMFT

Success is a Behavior

You may have read Steven Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Even if you haven’t read it, the book is referenced regularly enough in pop culture that you may already have a familiarity with it. The premise of the book is an outline of good habits exhibited by successful and, as the title states, effective individuals. Habit, however, is a generalized term for a behavior or a group of behaviors. The meet of this particular book centers around habits, which circles the topic of behavior in successful people. So, what are the behaviors that the most effective,...

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Divorce Culture in America – Trends and Data

Divorce is without a doubt one of the most painful experiences in life for men and women, regardless of the circumstances. Most experts agree that the recovery time for divorced individuals is about two years and may be much longer in some cases. In fact, it has been suggested that an eighteen to twenty-four month period of post-seperation adjustment occurs with most people. This period involves both personal and interpersonal turmoil. Often, adjustment is complicated because it sets off a chain of stressful events that may endure over an extended period of time. Studies suggest that other than the...

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My ABA Today & Autism Spectrum Disorder: Our Commitment To the Community

Our team here at My ABA Today believes we are enriched by all persons in our community. We promote the full inclusion of persons with developmental differences in every aspect of community life. Our mission is to connect all of our communities with ABA-based innovative programs, research, and resources for each subscriber. These opportunities promote healthy lifestyles, workplaces, and friendships, as well as self-awareness and personal development. Whether you’re a provider of services, an ABA specialist, or a family member looking for support and resources, we are here for you. My ABA Today is a community of parents, educators...

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