Author: Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D

8 New Career Paths for BCBAs

From Behavioral Sciences in the 21st Century Working with children diagnosed with autism is the bread and butter of Applied Behavior Analysis.  This work provides a tremendous service to society, and the data-based successes of ABA have done much to expand the field.  But the field of behavior analysis is much more than “ABA Therapy.”  Matt Normand and Carolynn Kohn address the latter issue in their article published in the The Behavior Analyst, and suggest eight new career paths that, they believe, a behavior analyst could venture into with relative ease.  A summary of the eight paths are below: Certified Personal...

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ABA Entrepreneur Series: 4 Tips For a Sole Proprietorship

From Behavioral Sciences in the 21st Century I have been fortunate enough over the past eight months to see grow into one of the most popular ABA sites in the world.  The past months have been an exciting roller coaster ride of content generation, team building, marketing, and strategic planning.  And it all started by submitting a piece of paper at the courthouse to register a business…which is actually very easy to do. Over the months, I’ve learned a few things about entrepreneurship, and decided to start the ABA Entrepreneurship Series — a collection of articles discussing entrepreneurship and business ownership...

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Are Functional Analyses in Schools Effective?

From Behavioral Sciences in the 21st Century Public schools are one of the most common places of employment for behavior analysts.  However, conducting behavioral assessments in such environments can sometimes be challenging, let alone a functional analysis in which stimuli are systematically altered across conditions to empirically determine the function of behavior. Or so we thought. In a study published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Michael Mueller and colleagues reviewed 90 functional analysis outcomes across 69 students in public schools.  All of the students had been referred for intensive services, and the analyses occurred in a partitioned section of a...

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