Author: Zainab Fazal

My Kids Won’t Stop Fighting!: How ABA Can Reduce Sibling Rivalry

From Behavioral Science in the 21st Century You look at your children and marvel in their awesomeness, how they are growing so quickly right before your eyes. And then…they start playing with their sibling, gloves come off and it’s fight time! Sibling rivalry – I bet you talk to your friends about it, wish it would never happen in your home, and wonder how they can play with their friends but fight so much with their siblings! Sibling rivalry can be challenging for parents, and can affect the entire family. Before you read on, if you are looking for...

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The Game That Will Turn Your Classroom Around

From Behavioral Sciences in the 21st Century Do you want to play a game?  If you asked your students this question, my guess is that you would get some enthusiastic yeses! Because who doesn’t want to play a game at school?  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has an evidence-based strategy that’s just that – a game! The Good Behavior Game (GBG) teaches students a number of skills, including appropriate classroom behaviors. The GBG has been used successfully in various types of classrooms, with elementary and high school students, and has been recommended as a promising practice by the Surgeon General...

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